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Re: GG: Original Jacket Collection

Hi Megan, Anne and Ken,

The multimedia CD is one of the 12 discs in the 'Original Jacket
Collection', I
think it can't be sold independently. I've check at Amazon, there is no further
description about that CD, it just shows track 10 of disc 4 is a CD-Rom data,
you can take a look on it.
Hope it can help!


"Megan, Anne and Ken" wrote:

> Dear Kamenlai.
> Please tell me more about this.  I looked for it at Amazon and could not
> find it.   What I really want is the multimedia CD.   Please tell me the
> exact title.
> Thanks
> Anne Smith
> smithqa@nexicom.net
> >I've got one set from Amazon, just want it for collection of all Bach by
> >Gould, it's really pity that the set didn't include the English Suites and
> >French Suites.
> >
> >However, one thing I have to mention is that there is one multimedia CD
> >inside, the disc can run on both PC or Mac, it contains the biography of
> Bach
> >and Gould, introduction of Fugue, artist job sheets.., music score of Fugue
> >of  No.1-9 that can play along, some video tracks about Fugue from the 'GG
> >Collection' and the liner notes of all discs.
> >
> >