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Re: GG Radio Documentaries a Failure?

Ms. Marble's comments on this topic are right on point in my view.  I think
the best users guide for the Solitude Trilogy would be akin to an
orchestral score that shows the various lines as they are played together.
When I want to hear all of what is going on in a symphony, I read the
score.  I always discover separate lines and details that get buried in
even the most transparent performances.  I continue to think, however, 
that if you focus too much on hearing and understanding all the words in
the radio pieces, you will miss much of their meaning.  It's like worrying
too much about the "meaning" of  the words in every line in James Joyce. 
Some of it may be texture, or emotion, or a specific feeling that doesn't
depend at all on the literal meaning of the words that are used. 
Incidentally, to test this out try listening to the BBC radio production of
-"Ulysses" --- "hearing" this great novel acted out and sung (as Joyce
probably heard it when he wrote it) is a revelation.  I'll bet this is what
hearing the Solitude Trilogy radio programs would be like after reading the
score first.