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Re: gg religion

In a message dated 2/21/00 7:01:29 PM Mountain Standard Time, amarble@abs.net 

<< > Hello f minors,
 > Am I safe if I simple delete it without opening it, or does it attach
 > to other programs and files?
 >              A Terrified Evalynne
 > http://www.beadsuncommon.com
 Don't worry, you're safe. Actually, with these attachment thingies, you're
 safe as long as you don't run the program or open the document.
 The URL Michael Hong provided is a good one:
 Also, here's a good common sense page about how to keep viruses (and virus
 alerts) from driving you insane:
Thanks so much, Anne! I simply do not understand the type of mind that would 
create and propagate such a thing.