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Re: gg religion

>  >>
>Thanks so much, Anne! I simply do not understand the type of mind that would
>create and propagate such a thing.
>                     Evelynne

Why do certain types create such things?  Probably for the experience of
'the power' that this episode in this group has offered.

In any case, using my Mac, I see many more worms and virii than are ever
visible when I'm using my PC, and of course they don't effect a Mac.  :)
This particular worm is quite harmless, except that it proliferates (if
that can be considered dangerous), but others (which I assume are invisible
to most PC users) are very destructive!

Since there are so few of us Macintosh users, hackers leave us alone -
pretty much.   With the growing future of the internet, for this and so
many other stability and productivity reasons, it makes even more sense now
-to change platforms, if at all practicable.  You don't want to lose your
Fm data. ;)


I found this exchange to be novel;

- I-  n  a r t i c l e  < F p I q7 v . 4 E u@ dns.tlug.org>, Frank Heisler
<frankie@dns.tlug.org> wrote:
> Fudge (fudge@mv.igs.net) wrote:
> :    The late and great Glen Gould dined at a restaurant in Toronto that now
> : serves a special named after him. Anyone know the name and address of the
> : establishment? Comments about the ambience, quality of the fare etc. would
> : be of interest.
> I don't think the late-great Glen Gould was a particularily fussy patron
> of the arts.  I thought his favourite food was scrambled eggs and toast?

It's my recollection that when interviewed at lunch Glenn Gould
preferred the old Windsor Arms Hotel - in the Restaurant and the
WineCellar, not sure about the Courtyard Cafe ... in the days when
George Minden operated the place.

They ripped it down but it has been rebuilt (somewhat) and I have not
been there but perhaps one of their new restaurants has named a dish
for him?