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Re: Schiff

Chisa Sugihara wrote:

> I haven't heard Schiff's English Suites yet.  I bought his Goldbergs
> just for an experience, and never played it again.  If any of you have a
> to say anything good about Schiff's playing other than no humming,
> please let me know.  I am very interested to hear.  If this topic was
> discussed before, please forgive me.
> Chisa Sugihara

There is plenty good things to say about Schiff.  He is certainly
one of the very best Bach pianist's today.  Especially his live Bach.
It's fantastic.  No one should pass up a chance to see Schiff live
playing Bach.  I've heard a few of his live Bach performances on the
radio and it's spectacular.  (Schiff's Beethoven is not so hot though)

Schiff's recordings are a mixed bag.  The English Suites are very
good and the high praise from critics is well deserved.  They are
worth a listen and worthy of purchase too.  Schiff's Goldberg's are much
less desriable.  Schiff takes the opening Aria too fast and compared to
Gould, it sounds rushed and not as 'sensitive.'

I've also heard a recording of Schiff on piano (always) playing one
of  Bach's Harpsichord Concertos and it's light and charming. Another
good one from Schiff.  Recommended.