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Hello, dear f-minors!

Jim Morrison wrote:

> Bradley, thanks for the detailed messages concerning P.  I'm sure I'm
> the only member of f_minor that appreciates your in-depth analysis.

I also appreciate Bradley's analyses and insightful comments.  Thanks
educating us, Bradley!

> Compared to Gould, P does sound a bit
> mechanical, but hey, I still find his version more interesting and
> Gouldian than Schiff's rendition.

I haven't heard Schiff's English Suites yet.  I bought his Goldbergs
just for an
experience, and never played it again.  If any of you have anything good
to say
about Schiff's playing other than no humming, please let me know.  I am
interested to hear.  If this topic was discussed before, please forgive

Chisa Sugihara