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Re: GG: Any Upcoming Children's Books about GG?

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Perhaps what we need are Bernstein's young peoples concerts for the 21st 

As a arts documentary filmmaker, I can say the frustration with great ideas 
like a kids doc on Gould is simply finding the funding.  A white man who 
plays classical music is a very unfundable sort of topic these days in 
America.  I'm all for multiculturalism, but in addition to not instead of 
funding for other sorts of programming.

<< Children are an important, yet neglected, audience. A *lot* of kids are
 growing up like my nieces and nephews -- with very little education in
 music. Even kids who like music often have no comprehension of "what came
 before." My oldest nephew plays contemporary Christian music in a
 coffeehouse. (Joe's Place in Essex) He's really "into" music. Yet when I
 played Handel's Messiah, and he kept making fun of the way people were
 singing. He couldn't grasp that this was, at one time, *contemporary
 Christian music.* He couldn't stop being a wise ass long enough to listen. >>