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Re: Any Upcoming Children's Books about GG?

> Hi Anne and all,
> Actually, there is a Japanese pucture book on Glenn Gould
> published in Tokyo as early as in 1978:

Thanks for the message. That story sounds adorable!

Hmmm. I wonder if the Music Division of the National Library has a
scanner... Just kidding, I wouldn't want to infringe anyone's copyright.

BTW has anyone else on the list read "The Maestro"? Did you like the
portrayal of Nathaniel Orlando Gow? (What a wonderful name! I'm sure GG
wished he could've thought of it.)

> On the day of the recital:  The hall was full of people.
> The pianist appeared on the stage, sat in front of the
> piano, and started playing.  But there was no sound,
> the audiences were upset and left.
> Of course, the boy had used the machine.

You know, I can really imagine GG doing this...

This is even better than the hypothetical "Take Two" moment he mentions in
the "Concert Drop-Out" interview. In that interview, he talked about how
when he was giving concerts, there were moments when he wished he could
stop in the middle of the song, say "Take Two!", and start from the
beginning again. Except of course, it would've caused such a dreadful
scandal and gotten him terrible reviews. Then, with a laugh, he admitted it
might *almost* be worth "trodding the boards again" just to do that. :->