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Re: Any Upcoming Children's Books about GG?

Hi Anne and all,

Actually, there is a Japanese pucture book on Glenn Gould
published in Tokyo as early as in 1978:

Shukuro Habara, text; Kijuro Yahagi, illus.
_Aru ongakuka no hitmitsu no himitsu_
(The Very Secret of One Musician).
[Tokyo: private publication], 1978.

I don't have the book with me now, but the
story is:

There was a sensitive boy who loves sound
(including music) and hates noise (e.g., made in the street).

One day, he invented a machine which absorbs sound and noise.
When he used the machine was able to catch the noise to
make the street silent, a stranger approached him.
The stranger said:
"Will you do me your favor?
I am a pianist who doesn't play in public, 
but I have to give a recital. Please help me."

On the day of the recital:  The hall was full of people.
The pianist appeared on the stage, sat in front of the
piano, and started playing.  But there was no sound,
the audiences were upset and left.  
Of course, the boy had used the machine.

"Thank you very much." The pianist said to the boy. 
" I don't like to play in public. 
Instead, I make discs filled with my 'sound'.  
They are a kind of microcosmos, and 
I throw them to all over the world like 'flying saucers'."

In the evening, the boy looked in the sky.  He saw
discs flying on which there are portraits of the pianist.
"Yes!  I can see, I can see the sound!" the boy cried.

I happen to know the authors.  Both are Japanese
graphic designers, and Shukuro Habara is the person 
who designed the Japanese edition of Otto Friedrich's biography.
I was asked to contribute a copy of the book
to the National Library of Canada in Ottawa, 
and I did so about two weeks ago when I visited there.

When you go to Ottawa, 
see the book at the Music Division of the National Library.

I only wish GG had known the book, 
so do some of the librarians at the Division: 
he would surely have loved the book.
The illustrations are so cute.


Junichi (now in Toronto)

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Junichi Miyazawa, Tokyo
(alias: walkingtune@bigfoot.com )
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