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Re: richter/gould

The essay is found on page 50 of:

The Art of Glenn Gould: Reflections of a Musical Genius
by John P.L. Roberts
Publ. - 1999 (Malcolm Lester Books)
ISBN 1894121287

You may purchase the book from Chapters:



>On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, Jim Morrison wrote:
>> Interesting, no?  Has anyone ever heard of this unpublished essay on
>> Richter?
>	In the Bruno Monsaingeon documentary of Richter, entitled
>"Richter:  The Enigma", Gould is recorded on video presenting exactly the
>above mentioned essay.  I can not be certain that the entirety of the text
>is recited, as I have not read the original print version, but Gould
>certainly brings his comments to what seem to be a final close, and I am
>therefore tempted to believe that he did give the entire essay.  However,
>what he recites is not much more than the text that you were able to find
>in the notes.