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Re: GG: Asperger's (again!), OCD, Tourette's, etc.

> Hi f_minorites, hi Anne M.,
> This is equally off-topic, because it's about Anne M.'s off-topic post.
> You guys know from a previous post my very negative, dubious and
> feelings about the posthumous diagnosis of Glenn Gould and Asperger's

I'm suspicious about the theory, too. Really. Honest. I simply mentioned
Asperger's because I saw the Temple Grandin book, and I wondered if anyone
had read it. I don't think that GG had it. But the Grandin book should
still be interesting. (But right now, I'm reading a passel of novels plus
"Twitch and Shout," a novel about Tourette's Syndrome.)

> Well, now ADHD raises its ugly head.

I didn't say that GG had ADHD. I mentioned it because I had read about it
in connection with Tourette's syndrome. I've been curious about Tourette's
ever since I saw an interview with baseball player Jim Eisenreich, who has
a mild form of Tourette's. The media has made us think that people with
Tourette's walk around swearing all the time. Most "Touretters" don't have
such obvious behaviors -- thus making their condition harder to diagnose.

By the way... The thought of putting the young Glenn Gould on Ritalin makes
my blood curl. Ugh. I'm also put off by the idea of drugging kids simply
because they're active. They're kids -- they're supposed to be active. In
some cases, kids can benefit from it. But in many cases, it seems to be the
teacher who benefits.

One more quick off-topic blurt: If you want to learn hard facts about
Ritalin, listen to Dr. Dean Edell's radio show. (Listening to it right now
in fact.) Or go to http://www.healthcentral.com/home/home.cfm (the website
with which Dr. Edell is associated). It will be slow on some browsers, but
worth it.

Anne M. Marble