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Re: GG Asperger's syndrome

> Glenn Gould has suffered the Asperger's syndrome?
> I don't believe!

A lot of us don't believe it, either.

> He was a man and a genius with one strong personality and one sharp mind.
> Which  is the font that has insinuate the doubt?

The first source that mentioned Asperger's syndrome was Peter Ostwald, in
his biography, "Glenn Gould: The Ecstasy and Tragedy of Genius." Dr.
Ostwald mentioned it only in passing. Perhaps he would have mentioned it in
more detail if he hadn't been so sick at the time he wrote the book.

More recently, the theory has also been supported by Dr. Timothy Maloney,
who spoke about it at the Glenn Gould Gathering in Toronto in September. I
attended the lecture and took notes -- in *terrible* handwriting, I might
add. Dr. Maloney wrote a recent article about it. (You can find a copy by
going to this URL:
http://www.tug.org/mail-archives/f_minor/msg04811.html -- in addition, you
can search the F-Minor archives for responses to this.)

There has been lots of (ahem) debate about this theory. For one, Dr. Helen
Meseros doesn't believe in that theory. Then again... as interesting as her
own theories are, I don't agree with Dr. Meseros' theories about Glenn
Gould, either.

> Many thanks for your attention and regards
> Massari Valeria
> madiva@working.it