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Re: GG: What "Unpopular" Glenn Gould Piece Do You Love?

In a message dated 3/6/00 10:03:34 PM Mountain Standard Time, amarble@abs.net 

<< Yet I find myself liking some of these pieces. A lot. For example, I love
 GG's recording of Mozart's Sonata Number 11. (My mother likes to crank that
 one up in the car stereo. :-> ) Also, when the mood is right, I love his
 organ recordings of the first part of Art of the Fugue. (I listened to
 those while editing some technical documents tonight.) I adore his Brahms,
 which not everybody likes. I also love his recordings of the Haydyn sonatas
 and English Suites -- while they're not exactly among "unpopular"
 recordings, they are certainly controversial.
 So what "unpopular" (translation: controversial) GG recordings to you like?

I have to vote for his recordings of Mozart, especially Sonata 11. He plays 
it as if it's ragtime instead of classical! I plan to transcribe it for 
classical guitar and play it with that same slow tempo.
When I'm working (making art glass beads, playing with a 2000 degree torch) I 
love to listen to his WTC or Art of the Fugue.