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> WHOOPS..originally sent privately to Madiva...am sending to whole list. I
> one, am very displeased with these little nit-pickings at GOULD....!!!

I don't see discussing the personality of Glenn Gould as nit-picking at
him. If all I wanted to do was nit-pick at him, I'd read the Andrew Kazdin
book all day long. <wince> Every person has both good and bad traits. If we
forget that Glenn Gould was not perfect, we risk forgetting much of what
made him special. I don't want to carp on his personality quirks -- but I
don't want to turn him into a saint, either.

Actually, I believe that certain of the biographers have become
nit-pickers. I have stated that before, but I will state it again just to
make sure that everyone understands what I am saying. And to make sure
everyone understands that I am not like those biographers. Instead of
writing about the real Glenn Gould, they wind up writing about a collection
of symptoms. Many of the people who knew Glenn Gould personally will tell
you that these biographies often miss the mark entirely.

I believe that I got a better picture of Glenn Gould by reading Tim
Wynne-Jones' children's book, "The Maestro." Or, of course, by listening to
Glenn Gould playing Bach, Brahms, Wagner, Schoenberg, or whatever. If you
really want a Gouldian experience, you could read the book while listening
to the Glenn Gould recording of your choice. (For the true Glenn Gould
experience, run a videotape of the Mary Tyler Moore show, a couple of
radios, and the vacuum cleaner at the same time. <wink> )

 ****** Also, I did NOT say that I thought he had Asperger's Syndrome.

Anne M. Marble

P.S. Scarlatti, I have a couple of your records! <grin>