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Re: about Glenn Gould

There is a message board through the Glenn Gould Foundation:

Sometimes, it can be quiet in there. But you and other fans can always
change that by making posts... :->

I'm not sure if there are many other GG message boards, or if there are any
chats. A chat room with several people talking at once would be a true
Glenn Gould experience.

Though I don't think they have chats, there are lots of unofficial sites
that are informative and sometimes just plain fun...

This site lists the contents of Glenn Gould's library and has a Sherlock
Holmes story:

Michael Davidson's site:

Plus the Glenn Gould Tour of Toronto:

The Brandon Flowers Site about Glenn Gould at Stratford:

This one is hard to explain...

Anne M. Marble

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From: <lluis.manent@bischof-und-klein.de>


I would like to get in touch by chat or e-mail with people who admire the
work of Glenn Gould.

Can you tell me if there are some chat rooms or discussion forums or some
like that. Who can submit me a  related list of  Glenn Gould links in

 I searched in Yahoo, Altavista and so one finding the principal and
"official" websites but I would also like to link to musicians and pianist
websites or chat channels of people who have been deeply touched by
experiencing Gould's music.

Thank your very much.

Lluís Manent