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Re: GG

In a message dated 3/21/00 8:13:42 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
JonEhrlich@aol.com writes:

<< I happened to be listening to a collection of Baroque keyboard music while 
 driving my 11 year old daughter across town.  The 2nd track on the CD was 
 Bach's invention #1 in C, performed by Rosylen Tureck.  After its 
 I quickly put in Gould's performance of the same piece, and asked my 
 which she preferred.  She immediately offered that the 2nd one (Gould's) was 
 more interesting and exciting.  I wouldn't pretend to contrast the two 
 in musical terms since I lack that vocabulary.  Tureck's version, while 
 pretty, seemed to hit all the right notes, and provided a pleasant 
 experience.  In Gould's, on the other hand, I could hear the music.  
 Jonathan Ehrlich   >>

She has a good ear; maybe she'll be a great pianist!  :)