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Re: GG

>  I quickly put in Gould's performance of the same piece, and asked my
> daughter
>  which she preferred.

On the other hand, once I asked my aunt (an amateur pianist) to listen to
two records. It was the Preambulum of the 2nd partita performed by Gould and
a young Russian pianist (I don't quite remember his name, Grigoriev, maybe;
it was a borrowed LP and the performer wasn't famous). She told she liked
the second record better and she was positive it was Gould. No, it wasn't
Gould but rather the unknown Russian guy. So everything actually depends on
the style of the performer to be compared with Gould and on the composition
itself (a fast Gouldian fugue would be recognized more easily).
It would be very interesting to carry out similar research with more

Juozas Rimas