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Well-tempered clavier: update

Dear admirers of Bach:

As many of you may be aware from a previous post, I am attempting to produce
an internet version of the WTC, in its entirety, at mp3.com.   The mp3
version will be entirely free for anyone to download.  (At some point in the
future, when I am satisfied with every p and f, I may issue (on my own) a
cd.   The only material that I am at all satisfied with is F4 and F8 from Bk
1.   The other material can safely be ignored, at least for the time being.
I would very much appreciate any criticisms, informed or otherwise, that
members of the group may have.  The address of the site is

You will need windows media player or an mp3 player to listen to the music.
Please except my apologies for the advertising and presentation at mp3.com,
much of which is in extremely poor taste.   I will be posting substantially
the same message at a number of other sites.   So please forgive, as well,
any duplication.


John Grant