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GG: Tim Page's "Music from the Road"

Does anyone have Tim Page's "Music from the Road"? I found a copy in a used
bookstore last weekend. It includes articles and interviews spanning
1978-1992. And yes, it has his "Piano Quarterly" Glenn Gould interview.
Plus an article called "Glenn Gould: A Reminiscence," which originally
appeared in "Vanity Fair." (Not to mention articles about lots of other
musicians, various musicals, etc.)

It was fascinating reading about Tim Page meeting GG at Inn-on-the-Park,
getting driven around Toronto, etc. The image of Glenn Gould calling for
help for accident victims on his cell phone on a snowy night in New York is
surreal. (That phone should be on display in the National Library!) Of
course, the "Piano Quarterly" interview was also great -- GG talking about
concerts and morality.

Anne M. Marble