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GG Pianists and computers (fwd)

>From Anne:

My apologies if this message comes twice.  I sent it Monday.  It seems to
have been lost in Cyber Space.

Oscar Peterson won the Glenn Gould prize in 1993.  A visit to the Oscar
Peterson Web Site reminded me of two F minor threads.

Someone (Bradley?) mentioned a long time ago that it would be useful for pianists to study GG's fingering.  I did not think this was a good idea.  Other people do.  Someone has made a CD-ROM of Oscar Peterson playing the piano with this idea in mind.  (There is other stuff on it.)
I ordered the Transcriptions book, but not the CD-ROM.  If anyone out there has it, I'd love to hear about it.

      Mary Jo asked what we thought Glenn Gould's piano studio would look
like.  If you go to the link below you will see Oscar Peterson in his
studio.  I picture GG in a room like this.  Don't let the age GG would be
now if he was alive fool you.  O.P. was born in 1925.  Some of our older
musicians are more broad minded about electronics than the young folk.


      "Since the early 1980's, Oscar has embraced electronic music
wholeheartedly in that the tools help him to compose, and especially
orchestrate, more quickly and effectively than traditional methods.
Oscar has, in his home, a state of the art recording studio and music room
that accommodates his keyboards, synthesizers, sequencers and computers,
all for the purpose of creating more music."

      Can anyone else picture Glenn Gould in a room like this?