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GG: Klez virus update

Hello All,

There are a few people subscribed to the mailing list whose computers are
infected with the Klez virus.  I have personnally emailed folks who are
likely to be infected and asked that they run a virus scan on their
machines.  You will not receive the virus over the f_minor email system
but if your email address is in an infected member's addressbook,
you could receive the virus.  With just 2 infected users, I am receiving
about 10 infected emails a day.  Now remember, this virus is tricky and
the Return address is faked-- the name in the return address, if you
recognize it or not is NOT the person who is infected.

For information about how to deal with this annoying virus see:

There is nothing further I can personnally do to see to it that members
are not infected.  Attachments are not accepted by f_minor and I am asking
people who are likely to be infected to scan their machines. At this point
I am asking everyone to be aware of the potential for infection even
though less than 1% of f_minor members actually seem to have infected

This virus is widespread on the net and the owners of the infected
machines are obviously not malicious, but likely unaware of the infection.
I'm just trying to do what I can in my little part of the world to stamp
the blasted Klez thing out!

If you have questions please email me and not the list.

Mary Jo Watts
listowner, f_minor