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Just subscribed!

          Hello all F Minoreans!
I've been reading in the F minor archives for a while now, and really do
enjoy all the commentary on GG.
         I'll never forget the first time I got a GG recording.Two
years ago,I was looking for some Bach keyboard music at a Borders.(I am an
aspiring pianist.)I remember not being able to decide between two CDs
when,quite by chance,the cover on one of those Great Performances CDs caught
my eye.It was Bach's Keyboard Concertos No.1,4&5,and the artist,sure
enough,was Glenn Gould.To be perfectly honest,it was the picture on the
cover that made me get it.It just sort of lept out at me.And it wasn't how
he looked;it was the way he looked it.Eyes closed,mouth open,head slightly
tilted back with a tuft of hair standing up in the back.He seemed totally
oblivious to everything(including himself!)but the music.I feel very lucky.
            I've gone on and bought more of his CDs,read just about
everything on the Internet about GG, and want to get some books on him.I
know you've discussed this before,but could I have some suggestions on what
to get? It would be much appreciated.


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