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how to say!?!?!

Dear Friends!
i´m a 15 years old young. I´m living in Germany, but my both parents are
italians, and i´m learning enligsh only since two years..so my english isn´t
very good...honestly, it´s bad!!!
i´m a great fan of Glenn Gould because of his genial art to have ideas,
right or not right ideas; because of his avantgarde interpretations(bad or
not bad). AND, whats more: because he is a UNIQUE person.Absolute NO one was
so crazy and, in the same time, so genially in his kind of action, of
thinking and simply living, how Glenn!. In this F-minor list i became friend
of Valeria Massari(ciao Valeria; ho avuto allora veramente il coraggio di
parlare col mio inglese sciatto con voi!!!:D) who encouraged me to tell you,
F-minor people, all the things, that i have told first to Valeria...
you must know that she is italian, and she is already member in this list,
so i can understand her better, and i can ask her about Glenn Gould and
every thing around F-minor.
NOW, I will try to speak with you on the experiences of the personal Tuner
of Glenn Gould ("accordatore","stimmer"), Franz Mohr, about Glenn Gould. I
had the fortune to know personally Mr.Mohr.
I(sincerely: my father, but he didn´t have enough time to come!) were
inviteted from the Steinway company for one evening to the Steinway
Haus München:  the tuner Franz Mohr, would have held(hold?) a "conference"
in which he spoke about its job and, whats more, of its experiences, with
the great pianisti(Mr.Mohr was the personal tuner of Vladimir Horowitz,
Rudolph Serkin and lots more famous pianists.
The inviteted(or better the hosts) were not to much
(between 10 and 15) and moreover a young pianistin played, just for having a
more pleaseantly feeling.

(sorry for this English; i hope it isn´t for all you an offens!?!?

 I imagined something really serious , because it is typical German, that
the things  would be maden with a maximum precision;  then, the name Franz
Mohr seems to be "RiGiD".  But instead it was ALL other that rigid and
"organized".  In fact after that the young pianist had played, Mr. Mohr,(he
is already quiet old), put itself to speak, without having a clear idea of
what he wanted to say.  Always new things came in mind;  therefore all its
speech gave us a improvisation feeling.  Mr. Mohr was emigrated with his
wife in 1962 in America, because he knew that the USA "the earth of the
unlimited poissibilities" was.  Franz was, when he was young, a really good
but many infections in his left hand pervented him, and he had to stop.
He became tuner...
it is a long story, therefore I cite only the main points.  It must say that
Mr. Mohr is a really religious person. Franz had a friend parish priest in
New York. This Friend continuously  invited Franz  to go to living in
America.  This parish priest organized all with the Steinway company,
for having a workplace.  To those times, the tuners for the famous and
demanding pianisti of good persons, were only 2, rather than 8 like today.
Chef konzert technicker it is called(i hope you understand this German
words!).  Franz Mohr had become the assistant of Bill Hupfer, who was the
first tuner.  Once, Bill had soon ended to tun the Pianoforte for Glenn, in
the famous study in 30est road in New York,
when Glenn Gould entered.  Bill knew that the hand could not be given to
for handshaking i mean.., therefore Bill touched Glenn´s shoulder very
and he said to him:  >>beautiful to see you again, how are you?<<.  Glenn
made a drastic and
fast movement in behind and was completely outside of himself("er war ausser
sich";"era fuori di se"):
 its shoulder was dislocated!!!
(so at least he said :D ).  Only a therapy to the warmth would have
allowed him to play again the piano.  The catastrophe came little
after:  Glenn denounced Steinway of a compensation damns of 300000 dollars.
Fortunately, Steinway was come to an agreement with Glenn... and those
money  were never payed.  But Bill could not more be  the tuner of Glenn.
 Therefore Franz became the personal tuner of Glenn..... In fact Gould
was a really strange person:  in its long and black coat(or cape...you know
what i´m speaking about!), (that he
carried also in the summer in the beach!),  he carried an incredible amount
of medicinals.
Apparently it seems that Gould believed that he suffered from
diseases that had to be cured with all those medicinals... Once people of
the CBC waited for Glenn in the Studio in New York, til Glenn telephoned and
said:  >> please go home!;  they don´t let me pass for the
frontier<<.  Gould was stopped to the Frontier of Canada with the USA(at the
Niagara Falls).
The civil employees had found the pockets from Glenn
full of pills;  they suspected him of smuggling of illgelaly medicinals....

Mr Mohr told us a lot of this Storys; i will probably told you too!
I apologize again for my bad language

my best wishes