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R: how to say!?!?!

Dear Lorenzo,
welcome in the list !
I'm happy  and impressed for your beautiful  intervention : felicitation!
 I'm grateful to you for your kind citation of my name and our friendship.
We will wish a long  friendship through  our group
in  Gould's memory .
We will wait many others messages by you.
See you soon

Valeria Massari

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From: Lorenzo Fanti <fantilollo@HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2002 3:57 PM
Subject: how to say!?!?!

> Dear Friends!
> i´m a 15 years old young. I´m living in Germany, but my both parents are
> italians, and i´m learning enligsh only since two years..so my english
> very good...honestly, it´s bad!!!
> i´m a great fan of Glenn Gould because of his genial art to have ideas,
> right or not right ideas; because of his avantgarde interpretations(bad or
> not bad). AND, whats more: because he is a UNIQUE person.Absolute NO one
> so crazy and, in the same time, so genially in his kind of action, of
> thinking and simply living, how Glenn!. In this F-minor list i became
> of Valeria Massari(ciao Valeria; ho avuto allora veramente il coraggio di
> parlare col mio inglese sciatto con voi!!!:D) who encouraged me to tell
> F-minor people, all the things, that i have told first to Valeria...
> you must know that she is italian, and she is already member in this list,
> so i can understand her better, and i can ask her about Glenn Gould and
> every thing around F-minor.
> NOW, I will try to speak with you on the experiences of the personal Tuner
> of Glenn Gould ("accordatore","stimmer"), Franz Mohr, about Glenn Gould. I
> have
> had the fortune to know personally Mr.Mohr.
> I(sincerely: my father, but he didn´t have enough time to come!) were
> inviteted from the Steinway company for one evening to the Steinway
> Haus München:  the tuner Franz Mohr, would have held(hold?) a "conference"
> in which he spoke about its job and, whats more, of its experiences, with
> the great pianisti(Mr.Mohr was the personal tuner of Vladimir Horowitz,
> Rudolph Serkin and lots more famous pianists.
> The inviteted(or better the hosts) were not to much
> (between 10 and 15) and moreover a young pianistin played, just for having
> more pleaseantly feeling.
> (sorry for this English; i hope it isn´t for all you an offens!?!?
> :D
>  I imagined something really serious , because it is typical German, that
> the things  would be maden with a maximum precision;  then, the name Franz
> Mohr seems to be "RiGiD".  But instead it was ALL other that rigid and
> "organized".  In fact after that the young pianist had played, Mr.
> is already quiet old), put itself to speak, without having a clear idea of
> what he wanted to say.  Always new things came in mind;  therefore all its
> speech gave us a improvisation feeling.  Mr. Mohr was emigrated with his
> wife in 1962 in America, because he knew that the USA "the earth of the
> unlimited poissibilities" was.  Franz was, when he was young, a really
> violinist,
> but many infections in his left hand pervented him, and he had to stop.
> He became tuner...
> it is a long story, therefore I cite only the main points.  It must say
> Mr. Mohr is a really religious person. Franz had a friend parish priest in
> New York. This Friend continuously  invited Franz  to go to living in
> America.  This parish priest organized all with the Steinway company,
> for having a workplace.  To those times, the tuners for the famous and
> demanding pianisti of good persons, were only 2, rather than 8 like today.
> Chef konzert technicker it is called(i hope you understand this German
> words!).  Franz Mohr had become the assistant of Bill Hupfer, who was the
> first tuner.  Once, Bill had soon ended to tun the Pianoforte for Glenn,
> the famous study in 30est road in New York,
> when Glenn Gould entered.  Bill knew that the hand could not be given to
> Glenn,
> for handshaking i mean.., therefore Bill touched Glenn´s shoulder very
> lightly,
> and he said to him:  >>beautiful to see you again, how are you?<<.  Glenn
> made a drastic and
> fast movement in behind and was completely outside of himself("er war
> sich";"era fuori di se"):
>  its shoulder was dislocated!!!
> (so at least he said :D ).  Only a therapy to the warmth would have
> allowed him to play again the piano.  The catastrophe came little
> after:  Glenn denounced Steinway of a compensation damns of 300000
> Fortunately, Steinway was come to an agreement with Glenn... and those
> money  were never payed.  But Bill could not more be  the tuner of Glenn.
>  Therefore Franz became the personal tuner of Glenn..... In fact Gould
> was a really strange person:  in its long and black coat(or cape...you
> what i´m speaking about!), (that he
> carried also in the summer in the beach!),  he carried an incredible
> of medicinals.
> Apparently it seems that Gould believed that he suffered from
> diseases that had to be cured with all those medicinals... Once people of
> the CBC waited for Glenn in the Studio in New York, til Glenn telephoned
> said:  >> please go home!;  they don´t let me pass for the
> frontier<<.  Gould was stopped to the Frontier of Canada with the USA(at
> Niagara Falls).
> The civil employees had found the pockets from Glenn
> full of pills;  they suspected him of smuggling of illgelaly
> so...
> Mr Mohr told us a lot of this Storys; i will probably told you too!
> I apologize again for my bad language
> my best wishes
> Lorenzo