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Re: F_MINOR Digest - 23 Jun 2002 to 24 Jun 2002 (#2002-104)

Schubert and Gould...

Well, In the documentary "Richter: The Enigma," there is a three minute
interview of Glenn Gould telling the viewers how he never had an interest in
Schubert because of the "repetitious nature" of all his piano works. This
feeling was somewhat changed, by Glenn Gould's visit to Russia during 1957
and his account of Sviatoslav Richter's performance of Schubert's last
sonata, the B-flat major sonata, D960. Glenn recounts how moved he was by
Richter's performance (even though admittedly it was by far the slowest
interpretation he's ever heard of the work) and proclaimed Richter as one of
the most important artists of our time. Truly fascinating three minute
interview and of the best documentaries I ever seen.