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Dear F Minors,

I am new to the list.  I have been looking in the F Minor Archives.  Several
people have written in about when they first discoverd Glenn Gould.  This is
my story.

Many years ago a city lady rented a cottage on our lake.  We rarely saw her.
 She seemed very shy.  At night she would play wonderful music on her
record player.  Sound carries on the water.  Most of my people were early
risers so the lake was quiet by 9 P.M.  Often I would paddle my canoe close
to her place.  The lake was dark, lit only by the stars.  The call of the
loon gave a strange counterpoint to the music of Herr Bach.

One night I met the lady on the shore.  We talked.  She told me the pianist
was a young recording artist named Glaenn Gould.  She said he was from down
south (this means Toronto) and he was barely 10 years older than me.  Thus
began my journey with the music of Bach.

I know Glenn Gould played other composers, but I always think of his Bach.
It was not until I graduated from university, got a job in the city and was
able to buy my own record player and records that I heard the famous
humming.  Still, these many years later, I hear the loon when I listen to
Glenn play Bach.

Looking forward to your discussions.


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