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Re: Three short questions about Glenn Gould

Yo Matthew,
Good grief, whatever gave you the idea that I actually KNOW anything? I hang on f_minor because of all the OTHER people here who actually know stuff. I am ignorant as a box of rocks about this stuff. I just think GG's music is real purdy and I love to listen to it. And I think he just had the MOST fascinating and entertaining life.
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From: Frank Dean Dennowitz <matthew.harding@CIC.GC.CA>
Date: Friday, July 05, 2002 2:41 PM
Subject: Three short questions about Glenn Gould

Good day. I have been trolling that big bad thing they call the Internet, and I have come up with the following questions. Anyone who can shed any insight into these would have my eternal gratitude, not to mention a chance to dip into the surprise box. (Elmer, please wait for the others to respond before you answer them all...)