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Three short questions about Glenn Gould

Good day. I have been trolling that big bad thing they call the Internet, and I have come up with the following questions. Anyone who can shed any insight into these would have my eternal gratitude, not to mention a chance to dip into the surprise box. (Elmer, please wait for the others to respond before you answer them all...)
1. Since I'm always on the lookout for those hard to find source recordings of GG doing the radio thing (thanks very much Bradley for the festival radio pointer), I was searching through the cddb.com database for GG and found the following... can anyone shed light on this? Dare I hope...?
2. Does anyone have any details on the "GG on the Moog Synthesizer" tape that was released in the 60s/70s? Apparently it was released on CBC Learning Systems (tape 326L). Does this even exist? Does anyone have a copy?
3. Finally, an easy one - does anyone have the GG Legacy Volume I on CD? I am wondering if you could provide me a track listing... I can find all the others online, except that one. If so, please email me directly, to avoid choking the list (if you're interested, too, email me and I'll provide a summary).
And finally, since we all need to give as well as take, here is a charming contribution to the GG memorabilia list. My apologies if you've seen this before, the f_minor search function doesn't appear to work.
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