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Re: Four short questions about Glenn Gould

Hello All,

  I've been lurking in a vague sort of way, wondering when to pose my own query.  Mr. Dennowitz has inspired me to ask now:

   Re. the film "32 short films," I have been yearning to know the title of the piece of music that accompanies the seventh film, which is entitled "Hamburg."  This is the film in which GG receives a new LP while nursing a cold in dank and dreary-seeming Hamburg; his wish to have someone with whom to share the listening experience is fulfilled in a confused and exasperated cleaning lady, who though concerned about keeping her room-cleaning schedule submits to listen to a magnificent piece of music.  What is that music, and where can I find it?

Thanks for your collective indulgence.

David Gracer

Providence RI USA



>From: Frank Dean Dennowitz
>Reply-To: Frank Dean Dennowitz
>Subject: Three short questions about Glenn Gould
>Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 13:07:49 -0400
>Good day. I have been trolling that big bad thing they call the Internet, and I have come up with the following questions. Anyone who can shed any insight into these would have my eternal gratitude, not to mention a chance to dip into the surprise box. (Elmer, please wait for the others to respond before you answer them all...)
>1. Since I'm always on the lookout for those hard to find source recordings of GG doing the radio thing (thanks very much Bradley for the festival radio pointer), I was searching through the cddb.com database for GG and found the following... can anyone shed light on this? Dare I hope...?
>2. Does anyone have any details on the "GG on the Moog Synthesizer" tape that was released in the 60s/70s? Apparently it was released on CBC Learning Systems (tape 326L). Does this even exist? Does anyone have a copy?
>3. Finally, an easy one - does anyone have the GG Legacy Volume I on CD? I am wondering if you could provide me a track listing... I can find all the others online, except that one. If so, please email me directly, to avoid choking the list (if you're interested, too, email me and I'll provide a summary).
>And finally, since we all need to give as well as take, here is a charming contribution to the GG memorabilia list. My apologies if you've seen this before, the f_minor search function doesn't appear to work.
>(Make sure to click on all the pages):

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