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Re: Four short questions about Glenn Gould

On Fri, 5 Jul 2002, David Gracer wrote:

> Hello All,
>   I've been lurking in a vague sort of way, wondering when to pose my own query.  Mr. Dennowitz has inspired me to ask now:
>    Re. the film "32 short films," I have been yearning to know the title of the piece of music that accompanies the seventh
> film, which is entitled "Hamburg."  This is the film in which GG receives a new LP while nursing a cold in dank and
> dreary-seeming Hamburg; his wish to have someone with whom to share the listening experience is fulfilled in a confused and
> exasperated cleaning lady, who though concerned about keeping her room-cleaning schedule submits to listen to a magnificent
> piece of music.  What is that music, and where can I find it?
One of the French Suites but I can't remember which one...I think.