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Re: solitude

Yup yup, no argument. But the process is more subtle than this would suggest. Gould's comfort level with Hunstein or other photographers would have very much been a function of how the resulting and published photographs pleased Gould, how he liked the image they showed to the world. Doubtless there were other photographers whom he didn't pose for a second time. To Hunstein it may have seemed that Gould totally followed his orders. But both photographer and subject, if they do "connect" well, know that their relationship is far more subtle and complex than that. A good photographer is a master at drawing out subtle and often magically flattering aspects of the human character.
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From: David Pelletier <PROMONDE@AOL.COM>
Date: Monday, July 08, 2002 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: solitude

>I know Don Hunstein pretty well and according to him, most of the photos were
>based on "where do you want me to stand?" type of posing, rather than trying
>to attempt some mysterious psychological  or cryptological message.  And he
>didn't waste too much time on them.