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What about all the American Pianists?

July 9th./02


It is interesting about the extreme interest in Glenn Gould. I am a Canadian and many years ago I saw/heard him a couple of times in recital at Massey Hall in Toronto, yes playing the Goldberg Vatiations. I also saw him a few times in person as I lived  in the same neighborhood as he. No, I never approached him as I knew he wouldn't approve; and moreover,I respected his privacy even though I would love to have met and talked with him.

Anyway, you Americans  have had several great Pianists, Andre Watts, Van Cliburn etc. All Pianists of the first rank, i.e., international artists. Why don't you discuss them? I'd love to hear about them.

Ok by for now. Your comments, remarks about GG are quite fascinating!




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