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Re: GG and Gramophone Magazine, August 2002

Thanks for the summary, Kate.

Rick Phillips has a weekly feature on CBC Radio called Sound Advice. He
reviews many CDs, has a music contest, and provides good music advice.
I've always suspected he's a closet GG fan, especially since the theme
song for the show is an excerpt of the opening of GG's recording of one
of the English Suites... darn it, I think it's the 4th but I can't

Here's the URL for the show:



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Subject: GG and Gramophone Magazine, August 2002

Yes , I  bought a copy this morning. There is a photo of GG on the
cover, with a caption "GLENN GOULD ...: What made this pianist a
20th-century icon?"  The magazine  comes with  a 70 minute CD which
includes a track of Gould playing Bach's toccata in E minor BWV 914.

This cover story is a reasonably brief article (three pages,illustrated
with photos  of GG from childhood with Alberto Guerrero to later life -
sitting on that park bench)  written by Rick Phillips, described  as a
"fellow Canadian".