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Re: GG and Gramophone Magazine, August 2002

> We are told of his striving for perfection, and there is a ( mercifully
> short) reference to his mannerisms and idiosyncratic behaviour. But for all
> that, in my opinion the article does not  really explain  the deep
> fascination that many still feel for "the Idea of Gould", or the passion
> with which they  regard his work. As the magazine suggests, he has become an
> icon, whether or not you like that term.

I still think that GG's popularity has something to do with Bach. I somehow
doubt that he would be such an icon if he was playing mostly Chopin or Mozart.
In the second half of the 20nd century Bach is listened to so much more than any
other composer that a "Bach specialist" is bound to be more popular than the
performers of other composers. And it's well-deserved - it'd be unfair if a
pianist playing the best music for keyboard would be less popular.

Of course, there are many good Bach's performers that command almost no
attention at all and I am not trying to deny GG's charisma. To me, his charisma
explains more than a half of his posthumous success. But the other half must be
Bach - GG was the first one to play the composer in a refreshing way and is
partly responsible for Bach's current overall popularity.

Juozas Rimas Jr (not the one playing)
http://www.mp3.com/juozasrimas (oboe, piano, strings)