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GG: Four Last Songs

     Reading Mary Jo's interesting post of the material from Doris 
     Grumbach's book reminded me of a very effective cinematic use of 
     one of Strauss' "Four Last Songs," which occurred in the early 
     1980's film "The Year of Living Dangerously."  (This was also one 
     of the first starring vehicles for Mel Gibson and Sigourney 
     Weaver.)  I believe that Elizabeth Schwartzkopf was the soloist 
     in the recording featured in the film.
     I, too, adore the sublimely beautiful "Four Last Songs," but, as 
     someone once remarked (maybe about Chopin's Nocturnes?) , they 
     should be taken in small doses by anyone diagnosed with clinical 
     depression... ;-)
     Phil Garon