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GG: First time you heard it...

Greetings, f_minor Friends:  I am new to this mailing list so bear with me if
I am redundant in my enthusiasm for Gould, his recordings, his unique energy
and vision, and the exploration of his ideas. I am so pleased to know that
you all share this with me. 
There is something in Gould's recordings, something at once transcendent and
deeply human, that I hear very rarely elsewhere. Lately I have been calling
it sincerity.  Do you know what I'm talking about? When was the first time
you heard it, felt it? What do you call it? What other experiences compare
with it?
When I get a day off, I'll dig into "the archive" and retrieve the stuff from
my trip last year to Toronto to share with you. 
Thanks, Mary Jo, for this community.

Patricia Prewitt, Berkeley, California