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GG recorded the _Art of the Fugue_ on the organ right after those unlucky
movers smashed his Steinway straight out of customs.  It was being repaired
(rebuilt is more like it) so to make the best of the situation, he
went to the organ.  Once the Steinway was back in action, he then he
recorded _The French Suites_ which he says he played so slowly because
the piano had brand new strings and had to be played slowly for clarity...
(see Kazdin and Cott for details-- I'm at work and unable to fact check)

When he recorded the 1,4, and the 15th contrapunctus for
Monsaingeon's _Glenn Gould Plays Bach_ M. said that he had great
anxiety about playing the 15th-- that there were so many ways to do it
and he wanted it to be good. The piece intimidated him (!)  He says in
the programme that no other piece moved him so deeply (at that stage
in his life-- I'll have to look and see what year he did that
particular set-- if it was close to his death that would be too creepy!)

-Mary Jo