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GG: AOF Recordings

	Poof!! And time appears... well, I've learned to multi-task... 
8-).... lunch and homework, simultaneously....

	Now.... these are all of the recordings with good reviews... I 
didn't want to waste my time looking up "bad" recordings... and I don't 
have the record labels, just the performer and the year (and the review 

	Rubsam, Organ '94
	Alain, Organ '93
	Koriolov and Hadzigeorgieva, Pianos '94/'93
	Leonhardt, Harpsichord (recorded in '53)
	Juilliard String Quartet '92
	Gilbert, Harpsichord '90
	Amsterdam Bach Soloists, Inst? '89
	Hill, Harpsichord '89
	Herperion XX (an orchestra??), Savall, cond. '87
	Tachezi, Organ '88
	Leonhardt, Harpsichord '88
	Moroney, Harpsichord '88
	Canadian Brass '88
	Ars rediviva, Munclinger cond. '82
	Leonhardt w/ van Asperson, Harpsichords '80

	These are all of the ones that I have performers for. I also have 
a recording made by an unnamed string quartet made in '89 and 3 
recordings from '94 and '95 without performers mentioned.

	There were also other recordings that got bad reviews (according 
to NOTES) and I just went for the recordings with good reviews.

	If there are others you'd like to add to my list, feel free!




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