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Hi.  Sister Sunshine here, posting from a second address that goes with my new second job.
    That fairly long thread on GG is still running on alt.music.j-s.bach.  Here's something that was posted on 3/8:
>Drives me nuts too.  I remember when I first purchased the set from
>Columbia House, I wrote them about the "defective" set.  The simply sent
>me a second set without asking for the first one to be returned.  Too
>bad the second set still had the "defects."
    Which reminded me that ever since Bradley Lehman's nicely detailed postings on the pitch changes in the Tocattas and such a couple months back, I've been wanting to ask: Does the Sony cd version of the Tocattas fix those annoying pitch problems?  I only have vinyl, and vol. one is certainly a roller coaster.  I do have both vinyl and cd on the English Suites, where said problems continue to exist on the cd version.  So I suppose the most likely answer is 'no'.
    You'd think this would be easy to alter- anyone have access to the appropriate computer gadgetry?  Perhaps some midi files can be put together that everyone on the list can have access to?  I'd be sure and throw my portion of elbow grease into such a project.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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