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Fw: from soc.culture.canada

Dear me!  Ran into this message while listening to Idea of North today.

"The Biggest Little Record Store In The World"

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From: Peter T. Davis <ptdavis@shore.net>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.canada
Date: Saturday, March 13, 1999 11:23 PM
Subject: Stupid Canadians

>I heard the most bizarre story about Canadians recently.  Seems that some
>do-gooder tree-kissing pansy Canadians up north in Inuit country got all
>upset when they found out how the Inuit cull their dog population.  
>These Bozos got all upset, and decided to try to organize an air-lift to
>try to save some of these forelorn dogs, at a cost of about $500 each!
>What short memories these Canadians have.  I'd guess that it's a very
>small percentage of the Canadian population that actually remember how the
>Inuit actually lost their dependence on the dogs anyway.  Well, way back
>then...  the Mounties decided that the only way to "civilize" the Inuit
>was to make them sedentary.  Moving here and there to seasonal hunting
>camps was no good.  So, the Mounties took all the pack dogs and shot them,
>one by one. No sled dogs meant no transportation...
>Next thing you know, there's salesmen from the Bombardier Co. up there
>selling snow-machines...
>So, why are these people so upset about some dogs getting killed?  How
>many dogs are "put to sleep" in Toronto each year???  
>Silly, silly, silly Canadians
>But aren't those huskies cute though  ;)