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GG plays Schubert


I've been building a database of GG's recordings (it's not finished, but you
can see the work in progress at http://glenn.fdnet.com.au )

I recently bought Nancy Canning's "A Glenn Gould Catalogue" which is an
absolutely wonderful resource. It is stunning in its completeness. I want to
use it to verify and refine my own database. However, when I was using it to
help identify the pieces played in the "Off the Record" video, I discovered
that she has Glenn Gould directing Schubert's 5th Symphony in the film,
while in fact, it's Glenn playing an excerpt on the piano.

The Question is, did Glenn ever direct the Toronto Symphony Orchestra
playing Schubert, or is this simply a "misprint"? Or am I missing something

Does anyone know how to contact Nancy Canning?

Marius Coomans