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Re: GG: Art of the Fugue Video

Hello Anne and all the rest,

> Now a very nonmusical question:
> I've seen plenty of photographs of Glenn Gould, esp. on the Sony
> releases. I'd like to ask fellow f-miners: Of all these pictures, what
> picture do you think most captures his essence as a musician, person,
> etc.? (He had a lot of essences, so it's all right to pick more than
> one picture.) As for myself, I can't decide. Now that I've posed the
> question, I guess I'll have to pick something.

I have one absolute favourite among Gould pictures. It's from his late
period (surprise, surprise). It was the cover on the earlier three cd
version of the WTC, but now it's been relegated to the inside of the
Beethoven variation box. For me this photo is the very essence of Gould's
late style intensity.

> P.S. If the picture you like is available on-line, don't forget to
> include a link.

As far as I know this picture is not available on-line. I would very much
like to have a poster of it, though.