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Re: GG: Art of the Fugue Video

Hello all,

> > Now a very nonmusical question:
> > I've seen plenty of photographs of Glenn Gould, esp. on the Sony
> > releases. I'd like to ask fellow f-miners: Of all these pictures, what
> > picture do you think most captures his essence as a musician, person,
> > etc.? (He had a lot of essences, so it's all right to pick more than
> > one picture.) As for myself, I can't decide. Now that I've posed the
> > question, I guess I'll have to pick something.

My favorite is the one on the jacket of the Ostwald book.  The one with
Gould standing by the piano, looking towards his chair.  I guess this is
middle period Gould, if you will.  I don't know if this photo is available