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Re: GG: DJ Masta Glenn (layering different sounds on each other)

> Interesting idea.  I think GG's "mix" there had more to do with key relationship
> than BPM, though.  I have a feeling that GG would have *loathed* most beat-
> oriented dance music however.  He spoke somewhere about the "tyranny of
> the bar line" and he seems to have gotten bored quickly with music that was
> based largely on repetition of simple ideas (like going on forever with 120
> beats per minute...)
> jh

this thing we  call techno (or electronica as they call it overseas) has another
side: Ambient.
What about The Orb, Brian Eno, Orbital, Biosphere, Scanner et al (or someone
like Steve Reich)? You can do much more with a sampler than just go for the beats.
When I listen to the "idea of north" I sometimes think of it as a piece of "ambient
music" .

As you probably know some major works by Steve Reich have been remixed by some
electronica artists on a cd called "reich remixed" and the results are quite
interesting. I was just wondering what would happen if you would give the
"Solitude Trilogy" to some of these electronica artists (ambient or techno).

If this sounds like heresy to some of you then I apologize but I really wonder what
that would sound like........
(you gotta try some new things every now and then)