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Re: GG:question and quiz

In a message dated 5/18/99 3:34:12 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
martinj.smith@bbc.co.uk writes:

<< Maybe there should be a short questionnaire on joining the list that is
 circulated with the first post. Questions could include favourite recording,
 least favourite, where were you when you first heard GG etc (any suggestions
 for questions?), as well as some personal guides - do you play the piano,
 have you studied music, etc...
 Nice to get a mail with "Mountain Daylight Time" on it. I do hope it's not
 the same kind of misnomer as our current British Summer Time - which of
 course is nothing of the sort...
   I think a short questionaire is a great idea, maybe for the list members 
who have been here longer, also. That way we could all get to know one 
another, in cyberspace at least.
 "Mountain Daylight Time" means that our clocks are turned back one hour in 
May, supposedly to have more daylight hours in which to do things. I 
personally do not care for it, being a night person.