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Re: GG: Jazz?

There was one such dictionary which used to confuse Gould and Friedrich Gulda.
In fact, I think Schwann made that error once or twice.  Gould never recorded
any jazz.

Thayer A wrote:

> I have an ancient music dictionary, from around the early 60's/late 50's
> which has an intriguing but short comment under GG. I can't remember exactly
> what it says but it is something along the lines of 'Canadian pianist. Has
> done some jazz work'(?). Is there any truth in this? Although it at first
> seems preposterous to think of GG playing Jazz, he seems a person of so many
> contradictions that perhaps it is true. Does anybody know about this, or if
> there are any unofficial recordings of him playing Jazz(!)?
> Andrew
> PS Does anyone know if there is an on-line store with a big range of sheet
> music for sale (preferably one which caters for composers as obscure as
> Feinberg and Liapunov)? I'd be grateful for help on this.