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Re: GG: Jazz?

> > ...something along the lines of 'Canadian pianist. Has
> > done some jazz work'(?). Is there any truth in this? Although it at first
> > seems preposterous to think of GG playing Jazz, he seems a person of so many
> > contradictions that perhaps it is true. Does anybody know about this, or if
> > there are any unofficial recordings of him playing Jazz(!)?

Nope, but the way he plays the first movement of the Bach D-major concerto
(the one that started life as the E-major violin concerto) sure sounds
jazzy, though.  I had to go look to be sure he wasn't just making it all
up, it was so fresh-sounding and joyful.  But it's (mostly) what Bach
wrote, and GG's performance makes it sound as if it's all being improvised
at a high level of inspiration.

As Silvio pointed out a few years ago, GG enthusiastically endorsed the
Bill Evans/Claus Ogerman jazz album "Symbiosis."

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