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Re: 32 Films

In a message dated 6/2/99 9:00:18 PM Mountain Daylight Time, amarble@abs.net 

 I know how that feels. My first name (Anne) has two Ns in it. My
 signature used to be readable -- unlike the handwriting. But over the
 years, my signature has come to look like a segment from an
 electrocardiogram The Ns don't look much different than the r or the
 b! This might be because I find that it's easier to sign my name
 without looking at the signature -- I usually sign checks and credit
 card receipts while looking right at the cashier because then I don't
 have to concentrate. Now if only I could figure out how to conduct
 with my free hand while doing that! ;->

  LOL...I know what you mean, Anne; I do the same thing! 
                           'Lynne (Evalynne)