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Writing and Cars

> If you look at Glenn's signature as it appears on the Sony page
> (www.glenngould.com), you'll notice that something is missing. The
> second N! From something I read, probably on this list, I got the
> impression that Glenn signed his name with only one N because
> otherwise, when he wrote the double-N, he felt as though he would
> never stop.
	Two Questions:

	Has anyone done a psychological analysis of Gould's handwriting? If
so, does anyone know where can I read about it?

	Also, I need to replace my car, and it would be great to drive an
old classic like Gould used to drive. Does anyone know what make/makes he
preferred? I do hope it's something stylish like a Citroen DS...  UK members
concerned for safety on our roads will be relieved to know that I would have
no intention of driving it a la GG.

	Best wishes,