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Re: Writing and Cars

Glenn was more into big, long cars. I don't know much about the
Citroen DS, but it's probably not classic in the sense you're looking
for. I think he had a Lincoln TownCar or a Continental, I'm not sure
which. (The car shown in 32 Films was a Continental, wasn't it?)
Earlier, he had some type of Buick -- I remember that he mentioned it
in one of his essays or letters.

I'm still trying to figure out how he managed to drive his father's
car into the lake... I remember reading about it in one of the
biographies, but it didn't give specifics. It just said that he
"absentmindedly" drove the car into the lake. Well, no kidding -- I'm
sure he wasn't paying attention when he did it!

But I've heard that Bill Evans liked "snazzy" cars. Maybe you can aim
for a Bill Evans style of car. I don't know what type of car he
drove-- but maybe somebody on this list knows. In an article about
Bill Evans, one of his friends said that he was a skilled driver and
had great reaction time. I could be wrong, but that sounds like
another way of saying, "He drove like a maniac but was able to hit the
brakes just in time to avoid accidents."

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> Also, I need to replace my car, and it would be great to drive an
>old classic like Gould used to drive. Does anyone know what
make/makes he
>preferred? I do hope it's something stylish like a Citroen DS...  UK
>concerned for safety on our roads will be relieved to know that I
would have
>no intention of driving it a la GG.
> Best wishes,
> Martin